Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seeking Global Stability -- Morales Stands Up Again

LA PAZ -- As a small group of anti-government protesters attacked police in the streets of the capital, President Evo Morales announced Wednesday that Bolivia has severed ties with Israel as an act of solidarity with Palestinians suffering from the Jewish state's current offensive in the Gaza strip.

"Bolivia had diplomatic relations with Israel, but in the face of of these acts of grave attacks against life, against humanity, Bolivia breaks diplomatic relations with Israel," Morales said during a reception for the diplomatic corps at the presidential palace.

"The crimes of the government of Israel damage stability and global peace and have brought the world back to the worst stage of crimes against humanity that have not been seen except during World War II and, in recent years, in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda," Morales said in statements cited by the ABI news agency.

Last week, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez expelled Israel's ambassador in Caracas to protest the deaths in Gaza.

Launched Dec. 27, the Israeli campaign in Gaza has left amost 1000 Palestinians dead and 4,600 wounded. The United Nations estimates that half of the dead are women and children.

The African country of Mauritania is the only other country, aside Venezuela and Bolivia, to severe diplomatic relations with Israel.

compiled via various news services & Digital Warrior Media/Photo: Reuters

Rally For Palestine

La Paz Bolivia

January 15, 200



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