Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"We have worked day & night"

Bolivia's central government & the "Media Luna" opposition of the eastern lowlands say they have reached a deal on constitutional reform after months of protests and several deaths of Indigenous activists. The move came as thousands gathered outside Congress in Plaza Murillo after a week-long march demanding greater representation of the Native populations within Bolivia.

The constitutional reforms sets out greater central control of the economy though nationalization of natural resources, greater re-distribution of wealth to Bolivia's indigenous masses and land reform.

To spur the negotiations and assure passage, Morales agreed to seek only one additional term as Bolivia's president, according to the Bolivian Information Agency.

Morales told throngs of supporters Monday that all sides had agreed to hold a referendum on the proposed charter in January 2009. The agreement came as thousands crowded into Plaza Murillo in La Paz to show support for the proposed constitution.

The agreement follows weeks of negotiations between the central government of Morales, Bolivia's first leader from an Indigenous majority centered in the western highlands, and political opponents who include the governors of largely white provinces in the east.

Yet those who wished to remain shackled to the ideas of power established through centuries of Spanish Colonialism & subsequently ravaged by the beasts of the crashing free market, have recently seen the American led economies shutter & in some cases collapse. With US financial and military support drained by expenditures halfway around the world, the former ruling oligarchy may fall to the stunning defeat of US policies dating back to the days of Standard Oil that have kept them in power.

As the United States nationalizes its banks and private debt, the actions in the last three years taken by the Bolivian government, the Opposition lost its arguments against social reform. Without the United States financial support & policy leadership, the 500 years of night begins to fade as the Media Luna wanes.



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