Monday, August 11, 2008

That "F#$king" Indian Won!

Evo Morales won a resounding victory in a recall vote yesterday after calling a referendum to break a political impasse and revive his campaign to advance prosperity for all Bolivianos.

Some reports have listed more then than 63 percent of voters in this divided Andean nation ratified the mandate of Mr Morales, the country's first indigenous Leader in 500 years and his vice president, the intellectual Alvaro Garcia.

Morales had proposed the referendum in an attempt to topple opposing governors who want autonomy in their resource rich provinces & have frustrated his attempts to improve the lot of the country's impoverished indigenous majority.

With the false idea that the native people are either too ignorant or not civilized enough to stand as president, the term "the only good Indian is a dead fucking Indian" was used predominately on television and in the various regional campaigns against Morales.

"What happened today is important not only for Bolivians but for all Latin Americans," Mr Morales, a former coca leaf farmer, told several thousand cheering supporters last night from the balcony of the presidential palace. "I dedicate this victory to all the revolutionaries in the world."

Karah Woodward of the Bolivia Transition Project is in La Paz and visited Cochabamba to observe the elections and report accordingly.. Troy O'Dend'Hal is in New York coordinating news information and logistical support - -

Photo via Dado Galdieri/Associated Press

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