Saturday, June 21, 2008

Assassination Plot Against Morales in Santa Cruz

(digitalwarriormedia) Two men, members of the Cruceñista Youth Union (UJC), were arrested on Thursday at the El Trompillo airport in Santa Cruz, believed to be planning an assassination attempt on President Morales.

Within their possession was a Mauser rifle with telescopic sight and ammunition.

Holding long-range weapons close to El Trompillo airport - where President Morales’ plane waited for his arrival before heading back to La Paz - led authorities to believe these men were involved in an assassination plot.

Deputy Minister of Governmental Coordination with Social Movements, Sacha Llorenti, said that, "apparently these people {would} move into the Cinema Center building which is the highest in the area {and} whose roof offers a panoramic view of El Trompillo airport."

Fernando Vaca Méndez, 20, and Carlos Yovani Domínguez, 34, were arrested by the Special Force to Combat Crime (FELCC) and then later released by the Public Prosecutor of Santa Cruz as there was not enough evidence with which to keep detaining them.

Prosecuting attorney, William Tórre, defended his decision to free the two men, indicating that the possession of these items was not a crime.

Their release drew words of criticism from Vice-minister of the Interior, Rubén Gamarra, who said the District Attorney’s office of Santa Cruz acted in favor of the two men, who are linked to a group known for its violent attacks against indigenous men, women, the elderly and other supporters of the Morales administration.

Minister Llorenti said "We believe that this is a very serious fact that must be deeply investigated."

While Gamarra announced that the UJC would be punished and the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz would also be investigated.

Sources: Telesur and Agencia Boliviana de Informacion



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