Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Sporting Perspective On A Better Bolivia

LA PAZ (digitalwarriormedia) Wednesday night in La Paz, the National Championship game was held between teams from San Jose FC & La Paz FC. In a low scoring, but heated contest that saw San Jose repeat its victory as national champions, the celebration that followed was well managed by the authorities and even the fans of the losing side congratulated the winners. If this could be applied to the political situation here in Bolivia it would be something else.

Both teams had a mix of Indigenous peoples, Mestizos, and Euro-Bolivianos, playing together in a manner that could make some of the more violent politicos ashamed of the tactics and epithets used most recently in Bolivia.

Without taking aim at the opposition's ethnic make up, both teams gave their all in an exciting and well played match. San Jose played an aggressive offense. Playing hard, yellow penalty cards were everywhere, but both sides knew that their aggressive play was not personal. It was just a game, and yes there would be the opportunity for a re-match next year.

Elections can be knock-down, drag out fights, but when completed, like in soccer, you shake hands and congratulate the other side. Yes, it can get hectic and chaotic; yet when it comes down to the bottom line, when it is all over, a hand shake in celebration and respect for the opposition can better prepare you for the next round of competition. There is always next year.............

Yet, the major international media is itching for a fight in Bolivia that just doesn't seem to exsist in the manner described by the Euro-American press services. Most citizens around the world are tuning into or reading stories that exclude facts and omit from the context the real situation on the ground.

For Instance:
  • Like Jim Crow, Euro-Bolivianos wish to exclude rights from the native population and enforce a racial caste system that denies the majority of the populace even human rights.
  • With natural resources being sold at higher prices each day, the regional political bosses need to maintain corrupt practices in place from those golden years of graft and provincial theft.
  • Some may also wish to know the while the US economy is falling as fast as we print bills, the Bolivian currency is stronger internationally and is expected to have further economic growth.
  • With major news outlets omitting the social & capital investments in the country in Science & Technical Education, Healthcare, Social Security for retirees, Agriculture enhancements & informational technologies, some would think that Bolivia is still a "third world" throwback.
  • Some are being told of violence in Bolivia at super heated & highly confrontational level, yet in the United States, across the country killing sprees & economic collapse is interestingly happening during the most "giving" holiday season.

In Bolivia, they are celebrating Human Rights & a prosperity not seen in the Country for an overwhelming amount of time during this festive time of year. Yes the political conversation is highly devisive, but most Bolivianos seem very unwilling to regress as a nation....



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