Friday, November 30, 2007

Tough Week To Be A Bolivian Cop

A demonstration in Cobija, capital of Pando province, came amid rising tensions between the governors of six wealthy provinces and the National administration of Evo Morales, who is pushing through a constitutional reform to redistribute resources to benefit Bolivia's majority populations of the Indigenous Under-represented.

Hundreds of supporters of Bolivian President Evo Morales' socialist reform movement were attacked by opponents Friday, with four people injured and the town hall occupied by demonstrators.

While waving white handkerchiefs & asking for peace hundreds of demonstrators who turned out in Cobija to support the Morales administration were then attacked by ¨university students¨ and the local government. National Police have tried to protect those freaky Peace-niks but were then set upon. In exactly the same manner that had happened in three other provinces earlier this week.

Governors of these Provinces have taken either direct action against the national government or have encouraged violence against those being ask to hold together a nation. A Country being assaulted by those with power that comes through the wealth of corruption and exploitation of the large populations of the Indigenous.

Violence against Police Officers is seemingly encouraged by the European press in a typical racist manner; El País of Spain reports that the shadow of civil war is falling over Bolivia. The article is titled ‘White shirts against red ponchos’. As most police come from Native populations, it would be difficult to roll back the reforms known in Bolivia as ¨El Cambio¨.

How-ever the country is 80% native. Nationally the only way to over take the democratically elected government reform minded Government maybe peaking. Unless, of course the workings of western Governments begin once again to look to further their causes through the escalation of violent tactics and of the world wide media.

Yes there will seemingly be more attacks on the supporters of Morales. The National Police are throwing themselves in the way and getting the brunt of the anger. This type of thing has been seen in the United States, in times of Jim Crow/Segregation and most recently the anti-immigration policies of some states.

The street corners, cafes and ques are abuzz with gossip,¨The power of the few white elite that force workers and servants to attack fellow Bolivianos¨ is the big talk about. Then mentions of ¨Yugosalvian War Criminals being utilized in these attacks¨ have been heard also. But these have only been overheard rumors on the street & not in any way confirmed.



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