Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Compatriota Lola Almudevar

Karah Woodward,

Very interested in your posts which I would like to quote in an article I am writing for the Guardian Newspaper or better still a direct interview? If you read this before the close of Wednesday 10 October please mail me:

For reference I am a stringer in Bolivia, mainly working for the BBC and certain newspapers like the Guardian.

Best wishes Lola


Lola Almudevar died near La Paz in the early hours of Sunday morning after the taxi she was travelling in collided with two trucks, which had already crashed.

Four others, including the truck drivers, also died, while Reuters journalist Eduardo Garcia, a Spaniard who was travelling with Almudevar, was seriously injured.

Almudevar, 29, was heading towards the city of Sucre after deadly clashes had followed the approval of a draft constitution by a special assembly there.

She was travelling by road after flights had been suspended to the city following the disturbances.



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