Sunday, November 25, 2007

Opposition Protests Fail To Halt Transition

A majority of Bolivia's constituent assembly approved a new draft constitution for the Andean nation Saturday, with the opposition staging violent protests on the streets.

The assembly, called by President Evo Morales to renew the Country’s constitution to Further address the needs of the country's majority Natives populations and the poor, approved the new textual language on a preliminary basis, though it will be considered article-by-article at a later date, the chairwoman of the assembly, Silvia Lazarte, said without specifying that date.

Outside the compound where the meeting was held, protesters clashed with police in demonstrations demanding assembly delegates name Sucre Bolivia's "full capital," and move the seat of government and Congress to Sucre from La Paz, and away from a base of large support for Morales in Bolivia's most populated Metropolis.

"We hope that calm will return to Sucre," Deputy Presidential Minister Sacha Llorenti told a local radio station.

Such was the violence surrounding the"Opposition" protests over the capital had began in August, It had to force the assembly, which sits in Sucre, to suspend debates for three months, prompting the assembly's governing body to move sessions to a secure facility on Friday. The violence was deplorable & the deaths tragic, as local media begins it duty to investigate the loss of life, many contend that clarity be maintained.

The protests had came amid a power struggle various "old guard" conservative groups who put across messages of more autonomy for the regions they govern and support the capital being designated in Sucre.

During the campaign that brought Morales to office nearly two years ago, He has stated that the assembly would serve to cast as a mold for a new state in which a country's indigenous majority would have greater representation.

Since the Conquest of Pizzaro, Sepulveda & the ruling Spanish Hapsburgs & Bourbons have denied the native peoples of South America their humanity for five centuries; Yet notice that political native representation has advanced so & with such little consternation.

However the question always remains and it is the same from that of so many times past, where exactly is this violence coming from during these"peaceful" protest?

Bullets do cost money...and tend to leave behind evidence. Namely the cartridge shells, bullet fragments and the fingerprints of those using bullets to impose bodily harm & fear in the exercise of the democratic process



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