Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Gas War Comes To New York

During Bolivia’s Gas War of 2003, 67 people were killed and over 400 wounded. The former President responsible for the killings, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada (known as Goni), and 2 of his ministers Carlos Sánchez Berzaín (pictured with Goni) and Jorge Berindoague Alcócer all currently reside in the United States. After repeated calls from the Bolivian Government to serve Goni and these ministers with papers demanding their return to Bolivia to answer charges, the United States government still has yet to comply.

Rogelio Mayta and Oscar Olivera are visiting the US this month to talk about the case, the events of October 2003, and about the new Bolivia under the leadership of its first democratically elected indigenous President, Evo Morales.

Rogelio Mayta is a lawyer representing the victims and their families in the case.

Oscar Olivera is executive secretary of the Bolivian Federation of Factory Workers and spokesperson for the Committee in the Defense of Water and Life in Cochabamba. Oscar emerged in 2000 as the leader and defining voice of the nationwide protest movement against water privatization in Bolivia. He was honored with several high-profile accolades, including the 2001 Goldman Environmental Prize and the 2000 Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights International Award.

New York University Law School
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 206
40 Washington Square South
Wednesday, October 4, 2006
6:00 PM
Karah Woodward, Digital Warrior Media
(212) 414-7617



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