Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Transitional Response Team

This January of 2006, the Center For A New American Democracy will dispatch a “Response Team” to observe, monitor & issue a multi-media report on the transition of the democratically elected leadership of Bolivia.

Goals of the Response Team members will be to identify, explore and report on a range of topical priorities including:
  1. The events, activities & reactions on the ground during the transition of political power.
  2. Identify & define how the transition is represented & reported on via the various local, regional and global media outlets.
  3. Gauge the public presentation of aboriginal representation within the new transition of government.
  4. Analyzing and disseminating the available public information on private land ownership, labor laws & worker's rights that brought about this transition of leadership.

The Response Team members will achieve these goals by securing & recording interviews and daily on-line journals . Interviews with various media journalists, business owners, political leaders, and activist groups will focus on the urban centers of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Sucre & La Paz . In addition, members will be dispatched to the various NGOs serving Bolivia to collect demographic information and interview representatives.

Response Teams members will be assigned tasks according to physical location & available workable resources. All members are informed that they alone are solely responsible for their own transportation, lodging, provisions, & overall safety. All participating members will be asked to affirm to this in the form of a waiver.