Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Bolivia Transition Project

This January, at the behest of socialists around the world, the Center For A New American Democracy will dispatch a response team to observe monitor & report on the transition of the democratically elected leadership of Bolivia.
From January 19, 2006 to January 25, 2006 CNASD will be putting boots on the ground to witness social democracy taking the reins of the political leadership in Bolivia. Via a daily on-line blog, press releases and articles for compensated submission, we will produce a detailed & comprehensive chronicle of one of the Americas most powerful indiginous leaders peaceful ascention to power..
The staff & volunteers on site will identify, explore and report on a range of issues including: Indigenous peoples' representation within the new government, labor & worker's rights, portrayal of the Morales Government within western main stream Media and the effect of socialism in Bolivia. CNASD will issue a comprehensive review on the rise of Socialism since the death of Dr. Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna .
CNASD will be devoting the total complament of our limited resources for the coming weeks to this endeavor. Those organizations and/or indiviuals interestted or wishing to donate resources or join our expedition are encouraged to do so by January 16th, 2006.

Press Contact Information:
Troy O'Dend'Hal,
Senior Policy Analyst
Center For A New American Socialist Democracy
244 5th Avenue, Suite g-283
New York, New York 10011